Reclamation usually means returning a mine/quarry to nature but it can also mean preparing it for development. This is Dartmouth Crossing in 2004 when it was the site of two quarries and in 2017 after it had become one of Nova Scotia's premier shopping districts.

200 years of pick-and-shovel mining, including bootleg mines, left this land in Stellarton unusable. The Stellarton coal mine reclamation project is stabilizing the site and making it possible to build on. Reclamation mining cleans up historical mine sites by completing extraction and returning them to nature. The pictures show the reclamation's progression.

The Coalburn coal mine was reclaimed in 2005 and today it is beautiful rolling fields with a pond and lots of wildlife.

The Evans coal mine in Inverness was first mined in 1946 and it was a reclamation mining project in the early 2000s. The last of the coal was extracted and the site was reclaimed by returning it to nature.

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