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In the slideshow below we have put together some general information about mining and why this industry is important and matters. Find more ideas and suggestions in our section Planning Your Video.

Mining Matters.... Really Really Matters

Without mining you wouldn’t have iPods, cellphones, or laptops! In fact, mining and quarrying affects every aspect of your daily life.

Watch this short video about how mining contributes to everything in our daily lives or watch this slideshow for more examples of why mining matters.

Hidden in Plain View!

Reclaimed mines and quarries are often hidden in plain view. For example, you would never know that this beautiful golf course was once a coal mine.

Take our “Find the Mine” challenge – it’s harder than you think!


Did you know that coal was the first material mined in Nova Scotia? We first mined it in Sydney, Cape Breton, in 1672. The first commercial coal mining venture in Canada was established by the French in 1720 in Cow Bay, Cape Breton, to supply the Fortress of Louisbourg.

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Nova Scotia’s mining and quarrying industry is a key creator of jobs and prosperity for Nova Scotians. Mining is the highest-paying natural resource industry and one of the highest-paying of all industries in the province – the average salary is over $50,000 a year.


Mining and quarrying provides the minerals that make green energy possible for our future.


We need 10-15 million tonnes of aggregate each year to keep Nova Scotia running. For example, building a typical single family home requires about 160 tonnes of gravel (that's about 11 truckloads). Building a school or hospital requires about 15,000 tonnes of aggregate.

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MIning is full of interesting and Fun Facts

For example did you know there is rock in your toothpaste? Most toothpastes contain powdered limestone which is used as an abrasive to clean off plaque. Limestone quarried in Nova Scotia is also used to make cement, a key ingredient in concrete. Concrete is the second most widely used product on the planet after water.

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