Many of Nova Scotia’s most beautiful historic buildings were built with sandstone. While most of the province’s sandstone production has come from the Wallace area of Cumberland County, there have been many other sandstone quarries that helped build Nova Scotia.
Here are some of our favourite sandstone stories!

Bridgewater Post Office * Sydney Sandstone * Wallace * Amherst Red Stone Quarry * Lower Cove Grindstones * Quarry Island, Pictou County * Halifax Armoury Renovation * McKeens Quarry * Judique’s St. Andrews Church * Blomidon Sandstone * Stewartdale * Boularderie Island * Port Hood * Monks Head * River John * Sawmill Brook * Fletchers Lake and Kinsac Quarries * Northport * Government House * The Legislature * Plug and Feathers * Gammon Weir