Citadel Hill

There has been a series of forts on Citadel Hill since 1749, overlooking and protecting Halifax. While we call it a hill, in geological terms, Citadel Hill is actually a drumlin.

George’s Island - a drumlin.

10,000-70,000 years ago, most of Nova Scotia was covered by glacier, several kilometres thick.

As the glaciers moved they left a mixture of rocks, gravel, sand and clay - known as glacial till - behind. This till formed drumlins, or small hills, including Citadel Hill. McNab’s Island and George’s Island in Halifax harbour, and Fort Needham, are also examples of drumlins created by glacial till. There are many drumlins throughout Nova Scotia.

The word “drumlin” comes from the Gaelic word druim, meaning “rounded hill,” or “mound.”

Citadel Hill is a drumlin – it is made of glacial till.

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