Cross Roads Ohio

Nova Scotia had a number of historical copper mines and it has the potential to mine copper again.

For example, a small mine in Cross Roads Ohio, Antigonish County, worked a deposit of “yellow and grey copper ore” in 1884. Mining that year produced 1,120 pounds of copper along with three ounces of silver per ton and minor amounts of gold.

In 1885, M. F. Egar, Dr. Johnston and J. MacNeil also did work in the area on promising copper deposits.

In those two years, two adits (tunnels) were dug into a hill, about ten metres apart vertically.
However, the site then lay idle for almost a century.

Exploration at the site began again in the mid 1960s and has continued in the decades since. For example, in the 1970s, Esso Minerals excavated several pits and found promising indications of mineralization but did not follow up on its work.

In 1990, Aquagold Resources Inc. drilled three diamond drillholes and found copper, as well as lead and zinc.

Cross Roads Ohio, like many of Nova Scotia’s metals deposits, is a complicated but intriguing prospect that may eventually provide the materials used to fight Covid and make things like electronics and green technologies.