Shubie Park

Some of Nova Scotia’s most beautiful parks and protected areas contain former mines/quarries! Shubie Park in Dartmouth contains a former quarry that is now a baseball field, campground and bike track.

The Port Wallace Quarry was originally owned by H. L. Misner and Son Ltd., a contractor. The quarry extended from what is now Kyles Court, off Waverley Road, where there is still a rock face at the cul de sac, behind Crest Road to Shubie Park. The entrance to the quarry was via Locks Road, where the Fairbanks Centre is now.

Conrad Brothers Ltd. operated the quarry from 1961-63 and then reclaimed the site. The ground was leveled and stabilized to prepare it for the residential development that was later built. Other areas of the quarry became part of the park.

The park’s bike track is where the Conrad Brothers’ rock crusher used to be.