Blockhouse Gold Mine

In 1885 a gold-bearing boulder was discovered in Blockhouse, Lunenburg County, but it wasn’t until 1896 that a significant gold deposit was found. The Blockhouse Mining Company sank two shafts but the mine closed down not long after.

In 1898 a new owner, T. Foster, took over. The mine had produced 3259 ounces of gold (worth $5 million at today's prices) by 1902 when it shut down again. It was mined again briefly from 1935-38.

Today the Blockhouse gold mine is a forest.

Blockhouse is named after forts the British built throughout Nova Scotia and across Canada. Forts were built in the Blockhouse/Mahone Bay/Lahave River area after a 1756 raid on Lunenburg. The blockhouse in Windsor, NS, is the oldest in Canada that's still standing.